The Integron Database

Enterobacter cloacae
Accession Number: KJ668593
Source: Argentina
Journal: Unpublished
Published: 07-DEC-2014
Title: VIM-2 and VIM-11 Enzymes in Novel Class 1 Integrons in Clinical Strains of Enterobacter cloacae from Argentina
Authors: De Belder,D., Faccone,D., Rapoport,M., Pasteran,F., Petroni,A., Corso,A., Gomez,S.
Remarks: Class 1 integron. In883
Promoter: ?
Gene Product Sequence
blaVIM-2 (95..895)
blaVIM-2 carbapenemase VIM-2 (95..895)
aacA4 (aac(6')-Ib) (998..1552)
aacA4 (aac(6')-Ib) 6'-N-aminoglycoside acetyltransferase (998..1552)
aacA38 (1641..2195)
aacA38 AacA38 (1641..2195)
blaOXA-2 (2302..3129)
blaOXA-2 OXA-2 (2302..3129)
gcuDD3 (3190..3480)
gcuDD3 GcuDD3 (3190..3480)