The Integron Database

Escherichia coli
Accession Number: KY114583
Source: bovine mastitic milk - China
Journal: Front Microbiol 7, 1931 (2016)
Published: 22-FEB-2017
Title: ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli from Cows Suffering Mastitis in China Contain Clinical Class 1 Integrons with CTX-M Linked to ISCR1
Authors: Ali,T., Ur Rahman,S., Zhang,L., Shahid,M., Zhang,S., Liu,G., Gao,J., Han,B.
Remarks: Class 1 integron. In1367
Promoter: ?
Gene Product Sequence
dfrA17 (7..705)
dfrA17 dihydrofolate reductase (7..705)
aadA5 (757..1545)
aadA5 aminoglycoside adenyltransferase (757..1545)