The Integron Database

uncultured bacterium
Accession Number: AB290233
Source: Hydrotermal vent - Japan
Journal: Environ. Microbiol. 9 (9), 2298-2312 (2007)
Published: 18-JAN-2007
Title: Novel and diverse integron integrase genes and integron-like gene cassettes are prevalent in deep-sea hydrothermal vents
Authors: Elsaied,H., Stokes,H.W., Nakamura,T., Kitamura,K., Fuse,H., Maruyama,A.
Gene Product Sequence
SuGC20.HVF23.ORF23 First part of SEC-A motif NERD protein 46..1128
SuGC20.HVF24.ORF24 Second part of SEC-A motif NERD protein 1308..2219