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Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El tor
Accession Number: AB485590
Source: clinical sample (stool from an acute diarrhea patient) - Viet Nam: Ha Noi
Journal: Published Only in Database (2009)
Published: 24-FEB-2009
Title: Vibrio cholerae O1, strain HN1 SXT constin locus resistance integron TraF (traF), site-specific tyrosine recombinase (intI9) and dihydrofolate reductase (dfrA1) genes and unknown genes
Authors: Ehara,M., Nguyen,M.B., Nguyen,T.D., Ngo,C.T., Le,H.T., Nguyen,T.H., Tran,H.H., Iwami,M.
Gene Product Sequence
intI9 integron integrase 2248..1163
dfrA1 dihydrofolate reductase 2426..2884
orfC2 hypothetical protein 3019..3405
orfC3 membrane associated protein containing xre-family DNA-binding HTH domain 3691..4101
orfC4 hypothetical protein 4172..4534
orfC5A conserved hypothetical protein 4634..5335
orfC5B conserved hypothetical protein 5577..5332
orf73 hypothetical protein 6219..6009