The Integron Database

Vibrio vulnificus
Accession Number: AF539751
Source: n.m.
Journal: Genome Res. 13 (3), 428-442 (2003)
Published: 02-OCT-2002
Title: Comparative Analysis of Superintegrons: Engineering Extensive Genetic Diversity in the Vibrionaceae
Authors: Rowe-Magnus,D.A., Guerout,A.M., Biskri,L., Bouige,P., Mazel,D.
Gene Product Sequence
rplT (1..354)
rplT large subunit ribosomal protein L20 (1..354)
intIA (1374..412)
intIA VvuIntIA (1374..412)
orf1184/1 (1707..1925)
orf1184/1 ORF1184/1 (1707..1925)
orf1184/2 (2095..2568)
orf1184/2 ORF1184/2 (2095..2568)
orf1184/3 (3069..2776)
orf1184/3 ORF1184/3 (3069..2776)