The Integron Database

Escherichia coli
Accession Number: AM231806
Source: Meleagris gallopavo (turkey) - Hungary
Journal: Avian Pathol. 35 (4), 349-356 (2006)
Published: 19-APR-2006
Title: Class 1 integrons and their conjugal transfer with and without virulence-associated genes in extra-intestinal and intestinal Escherichia coli of poultry
Authors: Nogrady,N., Paszti,J., Piko,H., Nagy,B.
Remarks: InEc682
Gene Product Sequence
hypothetical protein (111..419)
dhfrV (546..1004)
dhfrV dihydrofolate reductase (546..1004)
ORFD (1113..1403)
ORFD hypothetical protein (1113..1403)