The Integron Database

Vibrio cholerae
Accession Number: AY103455
Source: India
Journal: Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 46 (9), 2948-2955 (2002)
Published: 19-JUN-2002
Title: Occurrence of antibiotic resistance gene cassettes aac(6\')-Ib, dfrA5, dfrA12, and ereA2 in class I integrons in non-O1, non-O139 Vibrio cholerae strains in India
Authors: Thungapathra,M., Amita, Sinha,K.K., Chaudhuri,S.R., Garg,P., Ramamurthy,T., Nair,G.B., Ghosh,A.
Gene Product Sequence