The Integron Database

Pseudomonas stutzeri
Accession Number: AY129392
Source: soil
Journal: J. Bacteriol. 185 (3), 918-928 (2003)
Published: 30-NOV-2002
Title: Recombination activity of a distinctive integron-gene cassette system associated with Pseudomonas stutzeri populations in soil
Authors: Holmes,A.J., Holley,M.P., Mahon,A., Nield,B., Gillings,M., Stokes,H.W.
Remarks: InPstQ
Gene Product Sequence
intIQ integron integrase 1154..192
orf135 ORF135 1301..1705
orf136 ORF136 1864..2271
orf104 ORF104 2295..2606
orf282 ORF282 2748..3593
orf182 ORF182 3712..4257
orf173 ORF173 4361..4879
orf86 ORF86 4967..5224
orf208 ORF208 5300..5923