The Integron Database

Saccharophagus degradans 2-40
Accession Number: CP000282
Source: marine waters
Journal: PLoS Genet. 4 (5), E1000087 (2008)
Published: 17-MAR-2006
Title: Complete genome sequence of the complex carbohydrate-degrading marine bacterium, Saccharophagus degradans strain 2-40 T
Authors: Weiner,R.M., Taylor,L.E. II, Henrissat,B., Hauser,L., Land,M., Coutinho,P.M., Rancurel,C., Saunders,E.H., Longmire,A.G., Zhang,H., Bayer,E.A., Gilbert,H.J., Larimer,F., Zhulin,I.B., Ekborg,N.A., Lamed,R., Richardson,P.M., Borovok,I., Hutcheson,S.
Gene Product Sequence
intI integron integrase 525129..524008