The Integron Database

Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Saintpaul
Accession Number: CP023167
Source: Wet market - Singapore
Journal: Unpublished
Published: 12-SEP-2017
Title: Characterization of a novel mosaic plasmid pSGB23 encoding multidrug resistance from Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Saintpaul
Authors: Ding,Y., Zwe,Y.H., Chin,S.F., Drautz-Moses,D.I., Givskov,M., Schuster,S.C., Yuk,H.-G., Yang,L.
Remarks: Class 1 integron. In192
Promoter: PcW
Gene Product Sequence
intI1 integron integrase IntI1