The Integron Database

Mixta calida
Accession Number: CP061512
Source: Rectal swab, Homo Sapiens, Pavia, Italy, 08-06-2020
Journal: Unpublished
Title: Multiresistance plasmid turns the defenseless Pantoea calida into a superbug: isolation of an ESBL producing Pantoea calida, co-harboring shv-12, ctx-m-9 and mcr-9
Authors: Gaiarsa,S., Merla,C., Corbella,M., Mariani,B., Sciabica,I., Castelli,M., Piazza,A., Zecca,M., Marone,P., Sassera,D. and Cambieri,P.
Remarks: Class 1 integrons. In293 , In46, In36
Promoter: PcH1x2, PcH2TGN-10
Gene Product Sequence