The Integron Database

Aeromonas hydrophila IncU plasmid RA3
Accession Number: DQ401103
Source: n.m.
Journal: Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 74 (13), 4119-4132 (2008)
Published: 12-MAR-2006
Title: Genomic and functional characterization of the modular broad-host-range RA3 plasmid, the archetype of the IncU group
Authors: Kulinska,A., Czeredys,M., Hayes,F., Jagura-Burdzy,G.
Remarks: pRA3, IncU; ISCR
Gene Product Sequence
orf6 conserved hypothetical protein 34425..34138
orf5 conserved hypothetical protein 34949..34449
sul1 sulphonamide resistant dihydropteroate synthase 35915..35076
qacEdelta1 truncated QacEdelta1 protein 36115..35909
catA2 chloramphenicol aminotransferase 37502..36861
ISCR1 transposase IS513 39794..38253
sul1 sulphonamide resistant dihydropteroate synthase 41038..40199
qacEdelta1 QacEdelta1 protein multidrug exporter 41379..41032
aadA2 streptomycin adenyltransferase 42334..41543
intI1 integrase 42480..43493