The Integron Database

Escherichia coli
Accession Number: ECU12441
Source: n.m.
Journal: Mol. Gen. Genet. 213 (2-3), 191-201 (1988)
Published: 16-AUG-1994
Title: Site-specific recombination promotes linkage between trimethoprim- and sulfonamide resistance genes. Sequence characterization of dhfrV and sulI and a recombination active locus of Tn21
Authors: Sundstrom,L., Radstrom,P., Swedberg,G., Skold,O.
Remarks: In3; pR388
Gene Product Sequence
resP (1248..592)
resP ResP (1248..592)
intI1 (2850..1837)
intI1 IntI1 integrase (2850..1837)
dfrB2 (3089..3325)
dfrB2 dihydrofolate reductase (3089..3325)
orfA (3380..3814)
orfA unknown (3380..3814)
qacEdelta1 (3980..4327)
qacEdelta1 QacEdelta1 (3980..4327)
sul1 (4321..5160)
sul1 dihydropteroate synthase (4321..5160)
orf5 (5288..5788)
orf5 unknown (5288..5788)