The Integron Database

Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pGDKA1
Accession Number: EU722351
Source: China: Guangdong
Journal: Unpublished
Published: 24-JUN-2008
Title: Detection and Characterization of pGDKA1, a Conjugative Plasmid Encoding QnrA Gene
Authors: Yue,L., Li,S., Chen,X., Liu,Y., Jiang,H., Liao,X., Liu,J.
Remarks: ISCR;pGDKA1
Gene Product Sequence
intI1 integron integrase IntI1 407..1
dfrA27 dihydrofolate reductase 562..1035
aadA2 AADA2-aminoglycoside-(3'')(9)- adenylyltransferase 1115..1906
qacEdelta1 quaternary ammonium compound resistance protein 2070..2417
sul1 dihydropteroate synthase 2411..3250
ISCR1 putative recombinase 3655..5196
qnrA1 fluoroquinolone resistance protein 5527..6183
sul1 dihydropteroate synthase 6651..7490
ISCR1 putative recombinase 7895..8071