The Integron Database

Vibrio tasmaniensis
Accession Number: FJ529220
Source: n.m.
Journal: Environ. Microbiol. (2009) In press
Published: 19-JAN-2009
Title: Genome sequence of Vibrio splendidus: an abundant planctonic marine species with a large genotypic diversity
Authors: Le Roux,F., Zouine,M., Chakroun,N., Binesse,J., Saulnier,D., Bouchier,C., Zidane,N., Ma,L., Rusniok,C., Lajus,A., Buchrieser,C., Medigue,C., Polz,M.F., Mazel,D.
Gene Product Sequence
intIA IntIA 3229..2255
orf4 unknown 3567..4226
orf5 unknown 4368..4826