The Integron Database

Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Accession Number: GQ422828
Source: n.m.
Journal: Unpublished
Published: 06-SEP-2009
Title: Dispersal of carbapenemase blaVIM-1 gene by association with different Tn402 variants, mercury transposons, and conjugative plasmids in Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonas
Authors: Tato,M., Coque,T.M., Baquero,F., Canton,R.
Gene Product Sequence
intI1 DNA integrase 1164..151
blaVIM-1 VIM-1 metallo-beta-lactamase 1331..2131
aadA1 3'-(9)-O-adenylyltransferase 2163..2954
qacEdelta1 QacEdelta1 multidrug exporter 3078..3425
sul1 dihydropteroate synthase 3419..4258
orf5 unknown 4386..4886
tniBdelta3 4992..5842