The Integron Database

Pantoea agglomerans
Accession Number: GU990083
Source: clinical isolate (blood culture of HIV patient) - Nigeria
Journal: Unpublished
Published: 03-MAY-2010
Title: Class I and II integron bearing Tn7-like transposon with blaCTX-M-15, aac(6')-Ib-cr and qnrB1 in Pantoea agglomerans from an HIV patient from Nigeria
Authors: Aibinu,I.E., Peters,F., Adenipekun,E., Pfeifer,Y., Odugbemi,T., Koenig,W., Ghebremedhin,B.
Gene Product Sequence
intI1 integron integrase IntI1
aacA4-CR Aac(6')-Ib-cr 1..459