The Integron Database

Acinetobacter baylyi
Accession Number: JF731030
Source: China
Journal: Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 55 (11), 5347-5349 (2011)
Published: 07-NOV-2011
Title: Clinical Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baylyi Strain Coharboring blaSIM-1 and blaOXA-23 from China
Authors: Zhou,Z., Du,X., Wang,L., Yang,Q., Fu,Y., Yu,Y.
Remarks: Class 1 integron. This sequence has been manually analyzed by INTEGRALL. In588
Gene Product Sequence
intI1 integron integrase IntI1 (IntI1P32_H39) truncated 1..888
5'CS 1..1024
blaSIM-1 SIM-1 b-lactamase 1041..1781
arr-3 ADP-ribosylating transferase 1933..2378
catB3 chloramphenicol acetyltransferase 2534..3166
aadA1 aminoglycoside adenyltransferase 3224..4015
3'CS 4071..5255
qacED1 Quarternary ammonium coumpounds resistance protein 4179..4526
sul1 (partial) sulfonamide resistance protein 4520..5255