The Integron Database

Citrobacter amalonaticus
Accession Number: MK041212
Source: rectal swab - Argentina
Journal: Infect. Genet. Evol. 67, 51-54 (2018)
Published: 16-JAN-2019
Title: Characterization of a multidrug resistant Citrobacter amalonaticus clinical isolate harboring blaNDM-1 and mcr-1.5 genes
Authors: Faccone,D., Albornoz,E., Tijet,N., Biondi,E., Gomez,S., Pasteran,F., Vazquez,M., Melano,R.G., Corso,A.
Remarks: Class 1 integron. In46
Promoter: PcWTGN-10
Gene Product Sequence
intI1 integron integrase IntI1