The Integron Database

Enterobacter cloacae
Accession Number: MN180807
Source: United Kingdom
Journal: Clin. Infect. Dis. (2019) In press
Published: 31-DEC-2019
Title: A multi-species cluster of GES-5 carbapenemase producing Enterobacterales linked by a geographically disseminated plasmid
Authors: Ellington,M.J., Davies,F., Jauneikaite,E., Hopkins,K.L., Turton,J.F., Adams,G., Pavlu,J., Innes,A.J., Eades,C., Brannigan,E.T., Findlay,J., White,L., Bolt,F., Kadhani,T., Chow,Y., Patel,B., Mookerjee,S., Otter,J.A., Sriskandan,S., Woodford,N., Holmes,A.
Remarks: Class 3 integron. In3-14
Gene Product Sequence
intI3 integron integrase IntI3