The Integron Database

Pasteurella multocida
Accession Number: NC_004772
Source: avian
Journal: Unpublished
Published: 06-MAY-2003
Title: Molecular characterization of plasmids with antimicrobial resistant genes in avian isolates of Pasteurella multocida
Authors: Wu,J., Shieh,H.K., Shien,J., Gong,S., Chang,P.
Gene Product Sequence
delta-intI1 (403..8)
delta-intI1 delta-IntI1 (403..8)
aadA1 (549..1340)
aadA1 aminoglycoside resistance protein (549..1340)
blaP1 (1465..2331)
blaP1 BlaP1 (1465..2331)
rep (3673..2708)
rep hypothetical protein (3673..2708)
hypothetical protein (4937..4398)