The Integron Database

Streptococcus suis SC84
Accession Number: NC_012924
Source: human case of meningitis - China:Sichuan Province
Journal: PLoS ONE 4 (7), E6072 (2009)
Published: 13-JUL-2009
Title: Rapid evolution of virulence and drug resistance in the emerging zoonotic pathogen Streptococcus suis
Authors: Holden,M.T., Hauser,H., Sanders,M., Ngo,T.H., Cherevach,I., Cronin,A., Goodhead,I., Mungall,K., Quail,M.A., Price,C., Rabbinowitsch,E., Sharp,S., Croucher,N.J., Chieu,T.B., Mai,N.T., Diep,T.S., Chinh,N.T., Kehoe,M., Leigh,J.A., Ward,P.N., Dowson,C.G., Whatmore,A.M., Chanter,N., Iversen,P., Gottschalk,M., Slater,J.D., Smith,H.E., Spratt,B.G., Xu,J., Ye,C., Bentley,S., Barrell,B.G., Schultsz,C., Maskell,D.J., Parkhill,J.
Gene Product Sequence