The Integron Database

Plasmid IncP-1beta pB10-1
Accession Number: AY600085
Source: wastewater
Journal: Arch. Microbiol. 182 (6), 429-435 (2004)
Published: 01-SEP-2004
Title: Different molecular rearrangements in the integron of the IncP-1 beta resistance plasmid pB10 isolated from a wastewater treatment plant result in elevated beta-lactam resistance levels
Authors: Szczepanowski,R., Krahn,I., Puhler,A., Schluter,A.
Remarks: pB10-1; IncP-1beta
Gene Product Sequence
intI1 integron integrase 1..97
blaOXA-2 class D beta-lactamase 119..946
orfE-like OrfE-like 994..1254
blaOXA-2 class D beta-lactamase 1254..2081